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Posted by Syruplord - November 10th, 2012

The great Time Wizard sits alone in his grand void, watching the sands of time trickle through the hourglass. But watching time pass becomes tiresome after several eternities, so to entertain himself, he creates the concepts of good and evil with his great Imagination.

First, he creates a hero. Courageous and good-hearted, he has the willpower to stop any foe in his path.

Then, he creates a challenge, a world full of powerful enemies that together form the ultimate gauntlet of bosses, The Bosslet.

Now the stage is set, Time is in danger, and the only one who can save it is... TIME SAVER

To follow progress of this game and my other endeavors, follow my blog at http://goodwincek.blogspot.com/

Time Saver game start!

Posted by Syruplord - October 27th, 2012

After a hard drive failure, I thought this project was gone for good. But, luck would have it, I found one of the most up to date .swf's saved on my flash drive. Here it is, long overdue!


I haven't really be involved in designing games in quite a while, since I am studying traditional animation in school right now, but I am getting the gears turning once again.... In the mean time, be sure to check out what else I'm up to at my blog goodwincek.blogspot.com

what if you were a spaceship?

Posted by Syruplord - October 4th, 2008


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Posted by Syruplord - August 27th, 2008

Ok...you got me. I didn't finish Time Saver. Progress on that puttered out and eventually died. But with every loss, something is gained. I got some good programming practice in and now I have another game in the works! This one is actually looking promising. I'm just now starting college and have found it might be a little hard to get programming done, but it's so close to completion that I'll force myself to make time!!

The game is called "spaceship".
Art is by Syringe, and programming is by me.
It's a vertical space shooter that's totally awesome.

There are already 10 unique enemy types so far, and even more in line.
There will be 3 bosses that all have their own sequences and weapons that make for a very interesting fight if you can survive them. After destroying the boss ship, you'll be rewarded with its weapon. You can even upgrade your weapons with power coins!

Let's look at this picture and imagine how awesome the game will be!

Death and Decay (and Development)

Posted by Syruplord - May 10th, 2008

New game, 10 bosses planned in all, 3 bosses per installment.
The game is based totally on boss fights. I'm trying to make every boss unique and fun to fight. In all there are 10 as I said. One for each period in time, from prehistoric to the year 100,000.

First thing's first. The first installment of the series

Time Saver : Ancients
Boss #1 : Caveman from prehistoric times
Boss #2: Ra, Egyptian Sun God
Boss #3: Hercules and the Greek Gods

Progress IS being made, hopefully you'll see more soon!
www.syruplord.com for some screenshots

Time Saver

Posted by Syruplord - December 6th, 2007


What would the space caverns of the galaxy Rhkmurkiidk look like when illuminated by SPACE CANDLE.

Code name SPACE CANDLE, this secret military spy device has been programmed with a curiosity that would put the cat to shame.

Without a master and with only curiousity to feed, SPACE CANDLE explores vast worlds in search for the OIL.

Why does SPACE CANDLE want such a strange thing as OIL? Find out about the dramatic back-story when it begins to unfold with sporatic intercepted messages mentioning OIL and DESK.